Those athletes that compete in fighting related sports (Boxing and MMA) are truly some of the most physical fit athletes in the world. We have taken the work out routines that these athletes use and developed a fun fitness program that will benefit and challenge anyone, at any fitness level.

No. Nearly 80% of our members started at BoxFit with never having previously thrown a single punch.  While professional boxing/MMA trainers and coaches design all our programs, we understand that vast majority of our members are just looking to get in great shape.

Our classes are designed to cater for all fitness levels from complete beginners to advanced athletes looking for a new challenge.  You will be pushed to your maximum and inspired to achieve your individual best.  Even if you are not currently exercising, you can participate. 

Absolutely not, our membership includes a ratio of 65% women and 35% men. Boxing related workouts are really the top new trend in women’s fitness. Boxing workouts encompass all muscle groups in a single workout.

No, our slogan is: “train like a fighter without getting hit.”

We offer all the equipment that you will need (including loaner boxing gloves). We do offer a variety of different boxing gloves and hand wraps at very reasonable prices. The majority of our members buy their own gloves after a week or two of joining. In addition you will want to wear comfortable work out clothes, work out shoes, bring a water bottle (we have a drinking fountain) and towel to your workouts.

It’s simple, look at our class schedule and choose whatever class appeals to you (first class is always FREE.)  All you need to do is just show up about 10 minutes before the class begins and check in with us at the front desk.  We will introduce to the trainer teaching the class and give you a quick tour of the facility. 

If you would prefer a more personalized introduction to BoxFit and what we offer simply email or call us with a preferred time to come in.  We will assign one of our great trainers to take you through a one-hour training session to show you what we are all about. 

If you would like to come in with a large group of friends or co-workers for an introduction to BoxFit we will happily accommodate your group of up to 20 people.

We allow general memberships for children 12yrs of age and older.  We hope that you will join with your child and this can become a fun family bonding time. Children under 13yrs of age usually do not have the ability to just come in and workout on their own; they need either a parent or a trainer to help motivate them.    

We offer kids classes three days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. These classes are for kids ages 5-12 years of age.

All memberships (limited and unlimited) include access to all classes as well as full use of the gym during open hours.  Limited membership only limits the days per month you may attend, but does not limit access to anything we offer to our clients.

Yes, we offer drop in day rates of $15 per person.  This allows full access to all classes and open gym workouts.

We do not believe in contracts or high-pressure sales.  Our members stay with us, because they like our team and what we offer…not because they are stuck in a contract!  We do ask our “auto-pay” clients for 30-day’s notice of cancellation, this allows us the proper time to cancel the auto-pay with our credit card provider. 

Monday -Thursday 9am-1pm and 4pm - 8 pm
Friday 9am - 1 pm and 4pm - 7pm
Saturday 10am-2pm
Sunday 1-3pm

For those that would prefer to workout alone or can’t make the scheduled classes we offer a 12-station circuit workout with a different boxing drill at each station.  The last station (12th round) you will end up in the ring hitting the hand pads with one of our trainers.  You can complete the circuit by working on 2 minutes rounds (completing your workout in 36 minutes) or on 3 minute round (completing your workout in 48 minutes). 

Each of our trainers is available for half hour and full hour one-on-one training.  These sessions are ideal for those looking to sharpen up their boxing technique and/or just like the feeling of a trainer pushing you to maximize your performance.  Our trainers offer sessions from $35-$65 per hour.  Multi session discounts are available.