With our modern, clean facility, a strong team of trainers and our No Judgments philosophy the value we offer is quickly apparent.  All that’s required to get people to join the BoxFit team is to let them have a look around and take a complimentary class.  
You will never get a “sales pitch” from anyone on our team.  We believe in what we do and the BoxFit way!  We also don’t believe in contracts!   
First class is always FREE! You can choose from any class you would like to attend and just show up (no appointment needed.)  But if you would prefer a more personalized BoxFit experience, give us a call and we will set up a time that is convenient for you to meet with one of our trainers for a FREE one-hour personal training session.
All memberships include full access to unlimited classes as well as all access to open workouts
Individual Membership: (limited) $39 per month (includes up to 9 visits per month, twice per week)
Individual Discounted Membership: (unlimited) $47 per month (discounted membership offered to active duty military, firemen, law enforcement and students with valid ID)
Individual Membership: (unlimited) $55 per month (all access to all classes and open workouts)
Family Membership:
(unlimited) $117 per month (includes membership for up to two adults and one child 12 years of age or older. Additional children can be added to the membership for $15 per month. This is a full access membership)

Child Membership: (unlimited) $47 includes access to all Children's Classes for children ages 5-12 years. 

One Time Registration Fee: This is a one-time fee for individuals of $99 (child or adult) and for families it is $147.
To qualify for discounted, family or limited memberships we ask that you sign up for our simple auto pay program. The auto pay program allows us to keep our membership fees low because it cuts down on our bookkeeping and banking fees. We do ask all members for a written 30-day notice when they intend to cancel their auto pay membership. All memberships are plus sales tax, as required by Washington State.