Corporate Fitness is a concept that more and more companies are realizing needs to become a high priority. Healthy employees are simply more productive, energetic, creative and dependable. Unhealthy employees cost you money due to lost production time and profit resulting from excessive sick days, doctor's appointments, and lack of motivation for their job. Corporate Health and Wellness Initiatives are the key in controlling and combating this source of drain on your bottom line.

BoxFit offers a variety of corporate wellness programs that can be customized to provide benefits for employees and employers for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Adding a little working out into your employees or co-workers day can really make it seem a whole lot less like work and a lot more like fun!


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We would be happy to set up a special time for your whole group to come in for a FREE workout to see exactly what BoxFit is all about!  Talk about a great team building experience…working out together, encouraging one another and laughing the whole time will make this an awesome memory for your entire group!
Interested in getting your company started with a BoxFit Corporate Account? Who can blame you! Just fill out the form below to request more information.

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